Raja ampat Or Asmara Bay

If in Papua there is Raja Ampat, then in Malang there is Teluk Asmara. Beautiful landscapes make this beach mandatory you enter on your holiday agenda. Here are some interesting reviews about Asmara Bay Beach – Malang.
1. Location
This beach is located in Tambakrejo Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan District, Malang Regency – East Java, Indonesia. It is located right near the entrance of Goa beach of China, and is still a new coastal tourist attraction in South Malang. To reach the Gulf of Asmara, you have to travel about 73 km from the city of Malang, and can be reached approximately 2 hours drive using a motor vehicle. The entrance is actually two, namely through Clungup Beach and China’s Goa Beach. If through the entrance of Goa China will be very far, but along the way you will be treated to some panoramic beaches that will spoil the eye, whereas if through Clungup, you will pass through the mangrove forest and have to pass a path that will challenge the adrenaline.
2. Facilities
Because this beach is still new, then the facilities are still very minimal. But not to worry, because bathroom facilities and mushrooms are available. There are also stalls that provide coffee and some instant meals. It is recommended if you want to visit this beach, better bring supplies from home to be more practical.
3. Admission Price
Not more than $ 100 per person, for one trip including admission, meals and other accommodations you can enjoy the beauty of the bay of romance for a full day. if you want to stay overnight I suggest to spend the night in the nearest city in Malang city. because in the city of Malang you can enjoy the atmosphere of city hospitality like the city of Jogjakarta
4. The beauty of Asmara Bay
The natural panorama offered by Teluk Asmara Bay is not half-hearted. Your ey
es will be spoiled with a view of the small islands that surround the beach. The white sand that stretches and the roll of waves that come sweeping the beach lips, guaranteed you will feel at home to linger here. If you want to see the sunset, this beach can also be a place Camp, Spend the night with friends and family on the beach while hearing the sound of the waves must be very exciting. But it must be remembered, not to damage the existing natural ecosystems.