4 Tips Explore The Hidden Paradise on Ora Beach Maluku

For those of you who like to vacation to the beach, do not forget to enter Ora Beach Maluku in the beach list you must visit ya! Located on Seram Island, Ora Beach including part of the area of ​​Manusela National Park located in two villages, namely Sawai and Saleman Village, North Seram District, Central Maluku, Maluku Province. Ora Beach has a beauty that is not less beautiful than Maldives you know!

This hidden paradise in eastern Indonesia has white sand with clear blue sea water. The wealth of marine life in the waters around Ora Beach is also well preserved, so you can see the various types of beautiful coral reefs and fish swimming freely around. The scenery around Ora Beach is also very pretty. Guaranteed you will forget the time when it was vacation to this beach!

If you have never been to Ora Maluku Beach, now a great time to start planning a holiday on this gorgeous beach.

Here are 4 tips to explore Ora Maluku Beach you should know.

Purchase Flights Long-Day Plane

Located on Seram Island, there are several alternative routes to choose from. However, before you have to buy a plane ticket to Ambon first. In order for your vacation can be more efficient, booking airline tickets since the day. In addition, take advantage of discount promotions offered by various online travel agencies. There is always an attractive discount promo in every month that you can use to make cheaper airfares.

Know the Route to Take

Ora Beach can be reached via two alternative routes and different transportation options that can be adjusted to the holiday budget. Routes that can be selected are:

  • If you go alone or alone with a spouse, the best option is to choose the sea path. After landing at Pattimura Airport, Ambon, you can take a taxi ride to Port Tulehu. From this harbor, you have to board the boat again for 2 hours to arrive at the port of Amahai at a cost of about $ 20 per person. From Port of Amahai, you still have to take another public transportation to Sawai Village for 2 hours. After that, from the village of Sawai still have to cross again to this beach by motor boat for 10 minutes.
  • If you go with friends, the best option is the land route by renting a car from Pattimura Airport and directly to Sawai Village. However, this route requires a long travel time, ie one day and one night because it must along the western Seram regency and Central Maluku regency. Although long, this route does not require you to change the means of transportation again. The rental price for this